NUGU SDK Linux  1.7.5
NuguClientKit::NuguClient Class Reference

NUGU Client. More...

#include <nugu_client.hh>


class  CapabilityBuilder
 CapabilityBuilder. More...

Public Member Functions

void addDialogUXStateListener (IDialogUXStateAggregatorListener *listener)
 Add DialogUXStateAggregatorListener.
void deInitialize (void)
 Request NUGU SDK deinitialization.
CapabilityBuildergetCapabilityBuilder ()
 Get CapabilityBuilder object. More...
ICapabilityInterfacegetCapabilityHandler (const std::string &cname)
 Get instance of CapabilityAgent. More...
IFocusManagergetFocusManager ()
 Get instance of FocusManager. More...
INetworkManagergetNetworkManager ()
 Get NetworkManager object. More...
INuguCoreContainergetNuguCoreContainer ()
 Get NuguCoreContainer object. More...
ISpeechRecognizerAggregatorgetSpeechRecognizerAggregator ()
 Get instance of SpeechRecognizerAggregator. More...
bool initialize (void)
 Request NUGU SDK initialization.
bool loadPlugins (const std::string &path="")
 Request NUGU SDK to load all plugins from directory. If this function is not called directly, it is called automatically by initialize(). More...
void removeDialogUXStateListener (IDialogUXStateAggregatorListener *listener)
 Remove DialogUXStateAggregatorListener.
void setWakeupWord (const std::string &wakeup_word)
 Set wakeup word. More...
void unloadPlugins (void)
 Request NUGU SDK to unload all plugins.

Detailed Description

NUGU Client.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ setWakeupWord()

void NuguClientKit::NuguClient::setWakeupWord ( const std::string &  wakeup_word)

Set wakeup word.

[in]wakeup_wordwakeup word text

◆ getCapabilityBuilder()

CapabilityBuilder* NuguClientKit::NuguClient::getCapabilityBuilder ( )

Get CapabilityBuilder object.

CapabilityBuilder object

◆ loadPlugins()

bool NuguClientKit::NuguClient::loadPlugins ( const std::string &  path = "")

Request NUGU SDK to load all plugins from directory. If this function is not called directly, it is called automatically by initialize().

[in]pathPlugin directory path. If empty, the default directory is used.

◆ getNuguCoreContainer()

INuguCoreContainer* NuguClientKit::NuguClient::getNuguCoreContainer ( )

Get NuguCoreContainer object.

INuguCoreContainer abstraction object of NuguCoreContainer

◆ getNetworkManager()

INetworkManager* NuguClientKit::NuguClient::getNetworkManager ( )

Get NetworkManager object.

INetworkManager if a feature agent has been created with the feature builder, otherwise NULL

◆ getCapabilityHandler()

ICapabilityInterface* NuguClientKit::NuguClient::getCapabilityHandler ( const std::string &  cname)

Get instance of CapabilityAgent.

ICapabilityInterface the instance which is related to requested CapabilityAgent, otherwise nullptr

◆ getFocusManager()

IFocusManager* NuguClientKit::NuguClient::getFocusManager ( )

Get instance of FocusManager.

IFocusManager abstraction object of FocusManager

◆ getSpeechRecognizerAggregator()

ISpeechRecognizerAggregator* NuguClientKit::NuguClient::getSpeechRecognizerAggregator ( )

Get instance of SpeechRecognizerAggregator.

ISpeechRecognizerAggregator abstraction object of SpeechRecognizerAggregator

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